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Through the years, Texaco has marketed a variety of products in containers 6 ounces and smaller.  Most common are the home lubricant cans, but there are many others.  Here are several examples.   If you have a container not listed, or a better example of one that is already shown, please let us know.  If you'd be willing to share a picture with others, we would be happy to post it on this page, with your credit of course. mailto:ed@texacollector.com


Here's a dandy container someone recently bought on ebaylogo.gif (1044 bytes)
The only problem is that the bottle was determined to be a fake! 
The buyer told me the seller accepted it back and provided a full refund, but this may not always be the case. 
Every day there are more reproductions for sale, and some, like this one aren't marked. 
Buyer Beware!!

homelubebottle.jpg (22897 bytes)       


Examples of U.S. Home Lubricant containers.

ovaltex11.JPG (25107 bytes)    ovaltex3.JPG (31919 bytes)    ovaltex2.JPG (32024 bytes)

Here's a dandy from the David Moncrief Collection

oilcan14.jpg (38523 bytes)    can10.TIF (57774 bytes)    can17.TIF (46929 bytes)    can12.TIF (102768 bytes)

can18.TIF (46182 bytes)       can19.TIF (46182 bytes)     can22.TIF (47832 bytes)  

 can23.TIF (37836 bytes)    can24.TIF (53196 bytes)    can25.TIF (40737 bytes)

This great display was spotted at Portland Gas.

homeluberack.TIF (157335 bytes)

This One From the SASANME Collection

sasanmecan.TIF (272229 bytes)


Canadian Home Lubricant cans.


can11.TIF (116808 bytes)

    can13.TIF (48588 bytes)    can15.TIF (52179 bytes)   can14.TIF (48588 bytes)


Various Penetrating Oil packaging.

can16.TIF (138444 bytes)   


Different labeling for lighter fluid, both U. S. and Canadian.

can20.TIF (138585 bytes)    can21.TIF (45645 bytes)   

Upper Cylinder Lubricant, both Canadian and U.S.

can7.TIF (79374 bytes)

can8.TIF (78084 bytes)


Various other small containers, old and new.

dryclean.jpg (44834 bytes)    can1.TIF (30927 bytes)     can5.TIF (37626 bytes)   

can9.TIF (27924 bytes)    can6.TIF (49224 bytes)    deicercan.jpg (25040 bytes)


Check out the original wooden crate for Texaco Home Lubricant.

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