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Over the years, Texaco issued many blotters for use as promotional items.  Below are examples of quite a few. 

If you have a blotter that is not shown, and would like to share it's existence, please email Ed Smith .  

If you can scan or send me a picture, we can include it during the next update, with your credit of course.  Thanks, Ed.

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           Blotters were used to promote things other than gas and oil.  Here are some from Texaco Roofing.

blot-30.jpg (20405 bytes)     blot-31.jpg (20839 bytes)

These blotters were sent out in the late 1940s as an accompaniment to a new credit card.

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blot-35.jpg (23638 bytes)

blot-36.jpg (23569 bytes)

blot-37.jpg (26525 bytes)

Of course companies other than Texaco Corporate used blotters for advertising, such as these examples.......

blot-32.jpg (18665 bytes)     blot-33.jpg (15447 bytes)

blot-25.jpg (11470 bytes)    

blot-27.jpg (16965 bytes)     blot-28.jpg (17592 bytes)

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